International Standards Observer


International Standard Observer clarifies strategy upon services that company seeks for getting certified based on:

✔ Quality
✔ Leadership
✔ Documentation


ISO is focused on the question as to ‘how' strategy will be implemented. We strive to improve effective practice through:

✔ Internal Audit
✔ Standards
✔ SOPs

Training (Optional)

ISO trainers are passionate, highly-skilled educators, and practicing auditors who stay on top of developments in the industry.

✔ On Site Training
✔ Training with ISO
✔ Full Course Listing


International Standards Observer is one and only Solitary body which analyze and certifies within the region:

✔ ISO Certification
✔ Halal Certification
✔ Recognition

Get ISO Certified

International Standards Observer certifies organization after thorough analysis of services or products offered to consumers accordingly. To get certified;



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